In-line headspace gas analysis of vials

Fast & Accurate with Easy integration

The Gasporox sensor module VialArch offers non-destructive Headspace Gas Analysis to be integrated directly onto the production line or into an inspection machine.

This unique laser-based solution is installed on the production line for 100% quality inspection for residual oxygen and container closure integrity testing. The VialArch has automatic triggering and only the container diameter and belt speed is set by the operator in the user software or through a connected control system. The laser beam is passing the headspace of the moving vials to perform laser-based headspace analysis (HSA), non-destructive and with precise measurements of the residual oxygen in the headspace.

This is applied to numerous inspection functions that relates to headspace analysis used as container closure integrity testing (CCIT) and residual oxygen testing. It measures non-destructievly the oxygen gas concentrations in containers and parenteral packaging such as vials, ampoules and can also be applied to other package formats.

Applications for the VialArch™:

The VialArch is designed for inspection of pharmaceutical containers such as vials. It is used for container closure integrity testing where oxygen sensitive products are inspected. The VialArch can for example be used for detecting residual oxygen in liquid vials or leak detection of lyophilized vials and in other applications where oxygen levels is a key parameter.

The VialArch can measure:

  • Residual oxygen
  • Pressure changed due to air ingress

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The VialArch is a unique and new innovative solution for the pharmaceutical industry. It is easy to integrate, easy to use, calibration free, with measurement sampling and evaluation directly from the module. The module has a small footprint on the pharmaceutical production line, and the module can be installed at existing lines via an upgrade or retrofit.

The only required setting is the container diameter and belt speed. The module runs with automatic triggering, thus no external triggering is needed. It’s self calibrating and doesn’t need any daily maintenance. This is a plug-and-play solution, making it easier than ever to integrate headspace gas analysis into your production line.

Gasporox sensors are delivered with Gasporox measurement concept, meaning our team will support your integration to ensure that we meet your requirements and that the sensor(s) are optimized for your package and machine configuration. Together with you, we will ensure the best performance for your combination of product, package and machine.


  • Top performance for HSA/HGA
  • Reliable measurements
  • Small form factor for easy integration
  • Integration for your system – compatible with many interfaces
  • Long life-time
  • Low, residual or high oxygen content analysis
  • Design according GMP guidelines
  • Deterministic CCI test method according to USP<1207>


The VialArch optical gas sensors are based on 25 years of development and refinement of industrial laser gas sensors. The product utilizes Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS).

The laser sensor technology has been developed by Gasporox and Gasporox’s technology partner/supplier, and is used in many other industrial settings, including the petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, and energy industries.

The Gasporox technology is already used more than 10 years very successful for the testing of parenteral drugs. It is integrated and used in machines, systems and instruments to do 100% and lab testing of vials and ampoules in many parenteral packaging lines and labs. The great performance and robustness of the measurement is well proofed in the industry.

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