GPX1500 Film Pharma

Non-intrusive Headspace Gas Analyser for flexible containers

GPX1500 Film Pharma

fast and accurate for Pharmaceutical BAGS

Gasporox instrument GPX1500 Film Pharma represents a new approach to headspace oxygen gas inspection for intravenous bags and pharmaceutical pouches – fast, accurate, non-intrusive and non-destructive.

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Gasporox technology has for several years been used to measure in pharmaceutical vials. With GPX1500 Film Pharma Gasporox opens up the possibility to use the technology for flexible pharmaceutical packages, for example intravenous bags and pharmaceutical pouches.

The GPX1500 Film Pharma is a compact and easy to use instrument to measure accurate the headspace of pharmaceutical bags and pouches. It’s designed to operate parameter free to have a reliable and accurate use in the pharmaceutical production and lab.

The IV-bag is easily placed on the instrument by the operator. The instrument is designed to be able to measure residual oxygen and can measure even on small headspace volumes. The results are presented immediately on the instrument via the HMI touch screen. Single and continuous measurements can be done. The GPX1500 Film Pharma instrument supports many different pharmaceutical bags without need to change any parameter. GPX1500 Film Pharma instrument can measure both primary and secondary bags.

The non-destructive measurement lets you return the samples to the production line with no waste. The technology offers residual oxygen testing, oxygen degradation investigations as well as stability trends and end of shelf-lives studies.


  • Easy to use
  • Results immediatly displayed
  • Can measure even on small gas bubble
  • Primary and secondary bag inspection possible
  • O2 detection


    The GPX1500 Film Pharma optical gas instrument is based on 25 years of development and refinement of industrial laser gas sensors. The product utilizes Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS).

    The laser sensor technology has been developed by Gasporox and Gasporox’s technology partner/supplier, and is used in many other industrial settings, including the petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, and energy industries.

    The Gasporox technology is already used more than 10 years very successful for the testing of parenteral drugs. It is integrated and used in machines, systems and instruments to do 100% and lab testing of vials and ampoules in many parenteral packaging lines and labs. The great performance and robustness of the measurement is well proofed in the industry.

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