Minced meat at-line measurement

Oxygen time study on minced meat package

Gasporox offers GPX1500 Film Food for headspace oxygen measurements in transparent food packages with flexible films such as bags, pouches, and trays.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is widely used in the food
sector, to guarantee the freshness and shelf life of food packages.
This involves frequent reduction or increase of oxygen during the
packaging process. As a part of the quality system, a HACCP
scheme is implemented. The verification of the MAP process is
monitored using an at-line measurement or a sampling process
using lab equipment. These are often done by a destructive

The Gasporox’s GPX1500 Film Food instrument measures gas
concentrations in a non-destructive way. This laser-based
Headspace Analyzer (HSA) method does not require any special
sample preparation.

Application description

The oxygen level in a minced meat tray was measured as a time study over the “best before” date and some days later. The study required only one package. This was due to the fact that the GPX1500 Film Food instrument measures non-destructively the oxygen concentration.

Product: Minced meat tray 500g
80%-20% Oxygen/ Nitrogen
Measurement time: 4 seconds
± 0,2% O2
Sample handling:
Placing the meat tray manually on the instrument, repeated 3 times

Supported Packages

  • Flexible film containers
  • Transparent measurement window >10×30 mm needed
  • Content examples: Food, residual oxygen, oxygen MAP Level


The GPX1500 Film Food optical gas measurement instrument is based on 25 years of development and refinement of industrial laser gas sensors. The product utilizes Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS).

The laser sensor technology has been developed by Gasporox and Gasporox’s technology partner/supplier, and is used in many other industrial settings, including the petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, and energy industries.

The GASPOROX technology is already used more than 10 years very successful for the testing of food packaging. It is integrated and used in machines, systems and instruments to do 100% and lab testing of modified atmosphere food packaging in many packaging lines and labs. The great performance and robustness of the measurement is well proofed in the industry.

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