Gasporox has a highly skilled team

One of Gasporox best features is our team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals, who, through their hard work, passion, dedication and perceptiveness, continuously drive Gasporox forward. Most of us comes from the Division of Atomic Physics at Lund University and together with our colleagues that has extensive experience from the markets we serve, we have developed and commercialized the tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy technology for a number of applications in food and pharma.Gasporox is built as complete company. We do everything in-house, from production of our products, customer support, development and innovation to layout of annual reports. By building a complete company, we can provide the best service to our customers.


Märta Lewander Xu

Märta Lewander Xu


Märta Lewander Xu

Ulf sköld



Märta Lewander Xu

Roland Koch

Senior Sales Manager
& Application Specialist

Märta Lewander Xu

Jean-Philippe Descloux

Instrument Sales & Product Manager

Märta Lewander Xu

Niklas Bohlin

Sales Manager Food

Märta Lewander Xu

Naxin Xie

Sales Backoffice & Marketing Coordinator

Production & Development

Märta Lewander Xu

Frederik Kristensen

Production Manager

Märta Lewander Xu


Development Manager

We bring value

We pave the way for new quality control technology and a more efficient production in line with Industry 4.0 and create opportunities for leading pharmaceutical companies to grow. We are as passionate about the result for the individual as for our customers, because in the end, that helps us grow.

We continue to challenge industry methods and growth by building a complete company based on a great technological platform with endless opportunities.The GASPOROX technology is already used more than 10 years very successful for the testing of parenteral drugs. The great performance and robustness of the measurement is well proofed in the industry.

Everything we do is to make sure that our vision, that all packages are checked with Gasporox products, will be reached and in the end help you, as an individual, getting quality assured products without taking unnecessary resources from our planet. It is what drives us.