AutoMAP™ Pharma

headspace analysis OF MAP FOR 100% testing

The GASPOROX AutoMAPis developed for non-destructive headspace analysis placed directly on your existing conveyor belt or integrated into a packaging machine . The sensor with its highly sensitive laser impresses with its performance and precision for measuring on a variety of food packages with high or low oxygen content.

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The GASPOROX AutoMAP™ Pharma solution is a gas measurement system for detecting high or low concentrations of O2 in modified atmosphere packaging. The module is a non-destructive analyzer designed for instant in-line quality inspection of the headspace for containers with flexible film packaged in modified atmosphere as many large volume parenterals (LVP) and small volume parenterals (SVP).

Many years of science and industry knowledge, paired with more than 20 years of experience in package inspection are the base of the AutoMAP.

This solution for quality inspection is flexible, can be integrated, and configured to meet your requirements with a small footprint into your production machine. AutoMAP™ is the first of its kind and opens up for non-destructive 100% inspection of thermically sealed parenterals which is a requirement in the newly updated Annex 1, where a suitable inspection tool has not been available.

AutoMAP™ provides an efficient solution for production inspection and for reducing waste. It ensures product safety and regulatory fulfillment, making it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical manufacturers who prioritize sustainable and responsible production processes

Gasporox products are delivered with Gasporox measurement concept, meaning our team will support your integration to ensure that we meet your requirements, and that the sensor(s) are optimized for your package and machine configuration. Together with you, we will ensure the best performance for your combination of product, package and machine.

Powered by and with Gasporox inside, there is no optical noise, but a perfect solution.



  • Top performance for HSA check of modified atmosphere packaging
  • Modular design for easy integration
  • Integration for your system – compatible with many interfaces
  • Long life-time
  • Parameter free
  • Can measure concentrations 0% to 100% oxygen
  • Applications all different sizes of IV bags, without any restrictions of the content
  • Reducing waste in inspection processes


The Gasporox optical gas sensors are based on 25 years of development and refinement of industrial laser gas sensors. The product utilizes Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS).

The laser sensor technology has been developed by Gasporox and Gasporox’s technology partner/supplier, and is used in many other industrial settings, including the petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, and energy industries.

The Gasporox technology is already used more than 10 years very successful for the testing of parenteral drugs. It is integrated and used in machines, systems and instruments to do 100% and lab testing of vials and ampoules in many parenteral packaging lines and labs. The great performance and robustness of the measurement is well proofed in the industry.

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