Truly Non-Intrusive Gas



Truly non-intrusive technology for gas monitoring in food and pharma packages as well as porous materials and food.

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Our Brochure


Oxygen Monitoring in Packages                 Measurement Service

The GPX 1000 spot-check instrument allows quick and easy headspace testing of packages.

• Non-intrusive headspace MAP testing
• Fast and reliable oxygen sensing
• User-friendly touch screen
• Down-loadable data
• Low maintenance
• Ideal method for trays, bags, thermoforms etc



Evaluate our technology for your packages or take the opportunity to time track the gas content in your package or product.

- MAP control in packages
- Oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide
- Batch quality control
- Time studies
- Content and atmosphere interaction
- Monitoring of fruit ripeness
- Porous materials analysis


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Oct. 2015
Pressrelease - GASPOROX develops system for lung monitoring of pre-term babies within Eurostars project

Oct. 2015
Newsletter - GASPOROX proudly present autoMAP inspector and Mobergs Produktkontroll new distributor

Sept. 2015
Newsletter - GASPOROX at Livsmedelsdagarna and GASPOROX in Eurostars project for medical application

Jun. 2015
Newsletter - EU-backed SAFETYPACK project now half way

Mar. 2015
Newsletter -  Märta Lewander Xu appointed new CEO from January 

Jan. 2015
Märta Lewander Xu appointed new CEO after ownership changes