Measurement Service

GASPOROX offers a measurement service for package and process evaluations, where the uniqueness and benefits of the technology can be explored as well as quality control tasks and time studies for product development.

GASPOROX can measure oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide.
If you have a project that requires research verification or batch testing of new packaging, GASPOROX offers an economical measurement option. 

We design a study to your need.

Please contact GASPOROX for more details and for your request;  +46 (0) 46-540 50 40  Info@gasporox.se

Example of Measurement Tasks


1- Feasibility study


2- Time studies


  3- Batch quality control

4- Customized tests


Feasibility Study.png
Time Studies.png
Batch Quality Control.png
Customized tests.png

We develop a measuring concept of GASPOROX technology to a new application, e.g. a new kind of package. You provide the sample and we develop a concept of how the gas can be measured with our technology and provide information of the sensitivity and performance.    



GASPOROX provides the opportunity of non-destructive measurement of gas processes over time. Time studies of package atmospheres can be made in a unique way where the sampling methods do not interfere with the test object. The gas content of the same packages can be measured repeatedly and be continuously monitored over long time.


In an economic and convenient way you can ensure the MAP quality after a process or package modification. A large range of packages can be tested without creating an increasing amount of waste products. 


We design and perform studies according to your interest and requirements. The measurements can be made at the customer site, at-line or in the lab at GASPOROX.  
The investigated samples can be any media containing free gas, where the laser light can pass through.



Testing can involve a customized set-up. Analytical reports of test results are provided. The measurements can be carried out in one of our laboratories or at customer sites, in a laboratory or at line. Turnaround time will vary depending on the type and quantity of samples.