Laboratory Headspace Gas Analyzer

The GAS PI1 is a flexible advanced non-intrusive oxygen sensor for gas monitoring of packages or materials. It allows for measurement and time tracking of the modified atmosphere inside sealed packages. The gas in porous materials or foodstuffs can also be investigated and monitored. 


Package headspace
   A wide range of packaging materials, both transparent and non-transparent materials like plastics, papers, printed materials, glass, etc.

Porous material
  ● Porous structures, foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, wood, etc.


    The instrument can be adjusted for oxygen, water vapor or carbon dioxide mode, single or dual gas sensing mode.


    Optimal instrument for research and development

    Time studies of internal processes in packages or materials
    Measurements can be continuously repeated with no harm to neither package nor content or to the investigated material. This makes it optimal for shelf life studies of packages and products. 



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