Customized Solutions

A solution to your every need! 

GASPOROX technology is ideal for the measurement of enclosed gases. We offer customized solutions to meet your need of gas monitoring within packages. 

The custom-made solution can be:

  • Stand-alone instruments intended for quality control at the production line
  • Laboratory instruments intended for shelf life studies or package development
  • Automated solutions enabling a 100% quality check

GASPOROX offers to carry out feasibility studies prior to full commitment by the customer.


Methods and instruments can be developed for a large variety of samples and GASPOROX offers systems for oxygen, carbon dioxide or water vapour, with an option for single or dual sensors.

Gas can be measured in headspace of packages made by transparent or non-transparent materials as well as rigid or flexible containers.

Headspace volume can be down to below 1 cm3.

Porous materials can be measured. This allows for the characterization of materials as well as time studies of the internal processes with in foodstuffs.



In-line inspection of headspace gas of packages using laser spectroscopy

autoMAP inspector

The autoMAP inspector is a non-intrusive inspection system for automatic in-line monitoring of gas inside sealed packages.

The autoMAP inspector can be used for many different measurement concepts, depending on what sensor is mounted in the module.

For more information about the autoMAP inspector, please go to Downloads where you can find the product specification for autoMAP inspector and GASPOROX´s other products.


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